Hip Hop / FR
Saturday, July 1st 9:15pm

Born in Brazil, settled in Portugal at the age of 5, then in France at10, Bianca Costa never forgot her home country, to the point of imagining at just 23 years old her own style where bossa nova meets trap. From Brazil, she keeps the memories, the family, the rhythms, while France brought her rap culture. Spotted by covers collecting millions of views on social networks, close to Oboy and his collective Way Boto, praised by Hatik and Dadju, she had her first EPs produced by Julio Masidi, Aya Nakamura’s mentor, and a first album is currently in the works. But she is already a phenomenon: only French-speaking artist with Stromae present this year on the much-listened-to FIFA game soundtrack, Bianca Costa moves at a hundred miles an hour, just like her caliente shows and her straightforward lyrics.