Pop / BG/DE
Sunday, July 2nd 4:25pm

Before adopting the eccentric stage moniker Bulgarian Cartrader, Daniel Stoyanov had several jobs: background singer, session musician and, more unusually, he also worked as a salsa dancer for a while. In those early days, he collaborated as a musician and songwriter with SEEED, Casper and Solomun, amongst others. He eventually decided to focus on writing his own music and experimented for two years in his studio. The result was met with enthusiasm when he released his first single, ‘No Other Drug’, in 2021. A promising pop-song infused with good vibrations and sun-kissed melodies. Once again, the vagueness of the word ‘pop’ is quite useful to sum up this songwriter’s global approach, breaking down barriers between genres to mix up all his obsessions (electronic beats, soulful vocals, acoustic guitars, laid back lyrics…).