• Date : Friday, July 1st
  • Stage : Factory
  • Time : 7:25 pm
  • Style : Chanson Pop


The words, the (musical) note, Monday, the sea, the soul, melancholy: all nouns that we pair with the same adjective – namely blue. It is also the hair colour and title of the debut album from Claire Laffut, a multi-talented Belgian artist – musician and singer, but also visual artist, model and dancer. On this record, which follows an EP released in 2018, the young woman sheds light on her wounds and dreams, and questions which in some cases have no answers. And following in the vein of Angèle or her friend Yseult, she sets feminism and sisterhood at the heart of electronic pop that perfectly balances power and fragility, gentleness and passion. The perfect recipe to ensure that we all end up infected with Claire’s blue tinge.