Thursday, June 24th 9PM
La Coopérative de Mai


France — World

‘Spectacular’ is the first word that comes to mind when describing the tale of David Walters – studio whizz, DJ, TV presenter, musician, singer and incredible storyteller. Standing solo, he grew up in Paris before adopting Marseille as the perfect place to explore his Caribbean origins in musical form. But his musical travels did not stop there: Africa and America (both North and South) are hungrily intertwined into the sun-drenched compositions by this artist with multifarious influences and a unique career. Whether in French, English, or particularly Creole, he juggles the poetry of sound and the magic of rhythm to create songs that swoop in like a breath of fresh air and whisk you away on a journey – like those punctuating his third album ‘Soleil Kréyol’. Proving that whether in the studio, onstage or elsewhere, David Walters is a true heavyweight!

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