Europavox Festival


Autriche / Indie Rock

They come as a trio – three young women who teamed up in the Austrian capital in 2016 to create songs imbued with melodic vitamins that never fail to get straight to the point (or right to the heart), as is evident from the ten mischievous yet invigorating tracks of their flawless debut album, ‘Teenage Years Are Over’ (2019). Perfectly balancing the 1960s, the 1980s and the 21st century, Dives are continuing the tradition of girl groups – from Dolly Mixture to Hole, from The Bangles to La Luz, to pick a few at random – who stand shoulder to shoulder with the boys in this desperately macho world. So, alongside their sister artists Hinds and Melenas of Spain and Juniore of France, Dives are proving once and for all the women are the future of rock.

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