Guillaume Bongiraud

Guillaume Bongiraud (FR)

  • Date : Sunday, July 3rd
  • Stage : L'Échappée
  • Time : 6:20 pm
  • Style : Contemporain


He has already played in a museum, a church, a garbage dump, a bookstore; he has composed for theater, dance, cinema; he has played with the Delano Orchestra or Alain Bashung, Jean-Louis Murat and Morgane Imbeaud. In the most natural way, he is a master in the art of the counterpoint, managing to be present where he is less expected. Classical music themes or pop songs, compositions filled with post-rock, blending of genres: from the top of his 5 first prizes of Conservatory, Guillaume Bongiraud finally chose not to choose, and let himself be carried by his desires, by his whims. And he made the cello, the instrument he has played since his childhood and which has no secret for him, his violin of Ingres.