• Date : Saturday, July 2nd
  • Stage : MAIN STAGE
  • Time : 5:05 pm
  • Style : Electro Pop


From Rennes – the city where young people used to be a little more modern than elsewhere – two boys who did not come down from the last (Breton) shower spend most of their time sitting on their bar stool to get the best inspiration for disillusioned songs on a background of melancholic electropop dressed in heady keyboards, reverberated guitars and a relentless drum machine. Somewhere between black humor and social bitterness, with scathing words carried by an obsessive sung/spoken phrasing, the two (inevitably) grey eminences Micka and Pierre tell the unvarnished daily life of a youth who, even if they don’t “give a fuck”, are well and truly decided to face “La Fin Du Monde”.