Crédit Mutuel


Saturday, 27 June


France / Electro Pop

For some people it’s always the same, as they’re left thinking what’s left of their high school years and future pipe dreams? Unlike those people, Loïc Fleury and Jules Pacotte have got a few solutions up their sleeves, thanks to their genre-bending songs, a cohort of records and live shows, and many new encounters along the way that have helped their dreams become a reality. After dropping their third album titled Uplifters last year, the duo turned five-piece wanted to deconstruct everything they knew and take things back to basics, to a sort of primitiveness filled with insouciance that enabled them to write, sing and compose without really worrying what others may think. This has enabled the group to explore a stylish electro-pop which looks good doused in melancholia, as they favour catchy melodies that make you want to party. Whether their live or on record, Isaac Delusion’s talent is everything but an illusion.


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