Rap / FR
Friday, June 30th 8:45pm

With three albums to his credit, the latest of which, “M.A.N (Black Roses & Lost Feelings)”, including contributions from some eminent peers such as Laylow, Naza and Soleil Noir, this native of Vierzon, immersed in rap and R’n’B since his childhood, has been able to leverage on his “Positive Failures” in order to open up new horizons. And there is thus no more greed or need to win any “Loto” for this boy who claims having “more flow than the swimming instructor”: better than anyone else, he tells the story of an unvarnished daily life against a backdrop of abstract and introspective hip-hop. At 30 years old, Josman is a man of the shadows who beckon the lights, a cornerstone of all rap scenes.