Kaktus Einarsson

Kaktus Einarsson (IS)

  • Date : Saturday, July 2nd
  • Stage : Factory
  • Time : 5:50 pm
  • Style : Pop


Best known as the frontman of darkwave/rock band Fufanu, Kaktus Einarsson’s career is charting new paths and horizons. As the son of Sugarcubes keyboardist Einar Örn Benediktsson, it comes as no surprise that Kaktus has lived his life surrounded by punk, alternative rock, and electronica. He has worked with his father as a member of the experimental electronic act Ghostigital, and these experiences have no doubt come to influence his own music. That style abounds in his 2021 solo debut album, ‘Kick The Ladder’, but with enough heart and personal storytelling to carve out his mark in the world of Icelandic music.