Saturday, June 26th 9'15PM


France — Electro Pop

Exactly ten years ago, armed with a handful of temptingly tailored songs, these modern musicians arrived at Europavox and stormed the Grande Coopé stage with a kaleidoscopic set. Since then, this band of varying size and scope – borne along by the masterful hands and righteous minds of Sacha Got and Marlon Magnée – has travelled to the four corners of the world and taken their time creating three albums (the latest being ‘Paradigmes’), discs brimming with accidental-earworm pop anthems in ‘Sur La Planche’, ‘Si Un Jour’, ‘Où Va Le Monde’ or the beautifully melancholic ‘Le Sang De Mon Prochain’. Combining new-wave vintage with touches of rockabilly, sixties style, waves of psych, a soupçon of soul and a hint of electro, Le Femme strolls onto the stage with crazy confidence and feline poise to feed all of our weird and wonderful melodic fantasies. 

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