Europavox Festival


Sunday, 28 June


/ Rock

We mustn’t forget that valour does not depend upon age. Last Train first came to life more than a decade ago in a high school in Alsace. Now, aged 25 and with a zeal for the classics (Led Zeppelin, The Doors and Black Rebel Motor Cycle Club rank as their influences), this fashionable foursome are ambassadors of rock music, guaranteed to bring the genre back to life. And to prove it, their second album The Big Picture is a superb illustration of their passion for stand-out melodies and their talent for building an unwavering wall of sound. After a gruelling tour schedule (they’ve played hundreds and hundreds of gigs since 2015), Last Train have launched themselves on the road to well-deserved success at hurtling speed – and it would be a shame if you remained waiting on the platform.


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