‘Unconventional’ might be the first adjective that springs to mind when trying to achieve the virtually impossible task of summing up the career of Jérémy Larroux, aka Laylow. After a series of EPs, this southerner (who had nothing to suggest that he would find his voice and way in the world of hip-hop) scored a double jackpot with two hugely successful concept albums, ‘Trinity’ and ‘L’Étrange Histoire de Mr Anderson’, where in a world utterly infused with cinematic art – The Matrix is never far away, and Fight Club and the fantastical world of Tim Burton pop up here and there – he offers up dusky, retro-futuristic rap tinged with melancholy and the poetry of everyday life. And while he produces clips of some of his contemporaries (and friends) under his alter ego Mr Anderson, Laylow knows that he can set the bar even higher.