Sunday, June 27th 6'30PM


France — Pop

Travel really does broaden the mind: it was on the way back from an American jaunt that this group – born in the imagination of Charles de Boissegain after a dream-filled night in 2012 – came up with the mysteries of their second album with its Japanese title of ‘Tako Tsubo’. As the eagerly awaited follow-up to the nocturnal ‘Matahari’ (2018), this disc plays on emotions and sparkles with a thousand fires over a base of disco, funk and pop (Californian style) put through a French touch shredder, the perfect backdrop for the soothing vocals of Flore Benguigui. With their synth-chic, euphoric, brilliant, lascivious songs, these six genuine tightrope walkers of groove and melody have created the ideal soundtrack for anyone who dreams of dancing beneath the stars and claims to be ready to have their heart broken with a smile on their lips.

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