Europavox Festival


Friday, 26 June


France / Electro Pop

In September 2015, after a two-year stint of giving their all to recording (two studio albums), touring and a final hurrah concert at the Bataclan with “leaving do” for a sub-heading, Fauve finally threw in the towel, so as to save their mental and physical wellbeing. Four years later and the group known for their collaborations on the French music scene have achieved a huge comeback under a new alias, thanks to their new track called Assez? which eyes longingly towards electro-house that urges you to dance. So yes, the name has changed but the rest remains the same: mysterious de rigeur, well-groomed videos and lyrics which detail the everyday. With their second track, the misleadingly titled TomTom Club (the name of the rather fabulous side project from Talking Heads), Magenta assert their French Touch intentions further as well as their attraction for disco balls. But for all that, these guys sure don’t look at life through rose-tinted glasses.


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