Pop / GR
Sunday, July 2nd 7:35

The Greek/Sudanese artist Marina Satti draws from contemporary pop, Arabic, Balkan, hip-hop and jazz influences to create an experimental re-imagining of traditional and classic sounds, transcending musical boundaries and bringing something new to the table.

Onstage, she’s accompanied by Fonέs, a female polyphonic group that she created in 2016. And there, as well, Marina brings out her multilevel theatrical and performance talents, as well as her musical and cultural wealth, beyond specific genre or time, whilst investing on pop aesthetics. Her much-anticipated debut album, ‘Yenna’ (literally meaning ‘birth’), will be dropping in late May 2022, but lately she’s shared many shining gems, like ‘Yiati Pouli m’, a retelling of an old traditional Thracian Greek song of mourning and loss, and ‘Pali’, the first cut from her upcoming release, where Marina speaks about falling in love without losing independence.