Saturday, June 26th 7'45PM


France — French song

Who cares that she isn’t a dancer! Because with nearly twenty-five springs behind her, this young lady knows how to do plenty (and extremely well at that). Armed with the sensitivity of the apple blossom that her name ‘Pomme’ suggests, she writes songs that are fragile yet powerful, telling tales of falling in (and out) of love and the greyer moments in life, or even those painted entirely in pastels – always with soft colours. Offering a discreet 21st-century marriage of poetry of the everyday and folk, this young artist has won over her peers, critics and audiences in general, especially following her fantastic second album, beautifully titled ‘Les Failles’ (‘Flaws’) and superbly produced by Albin de la Simone. Named ‘best female artist’ at this year’s Victoires De La Musique awards, she truly is the apple of all our eyes.

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