Electro Pop / NO
Saturday, July 1st 9:15pm

In Marvel comics, Skaar is the son of Hulk (you know – big guy, you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry, smashes stuff), but despite the louder, all-caps moniker, SKAAR is a completely different proposition – and not just because she’s (a) a girl, and (b) not green. For starters, SKAAR is much more in touch with her feelings and inner demons than your typical Hulk.

After early successes that established her as one of Norway’s most promising and exciting new pop talents, racking up achievements and awards with her radio-friendly bangers, SKAAR started to come under pressure. Doubting her own abilities, trying to find her space under the sun and keep her footing in the tumultuous business that is the music industry, she turned to outside assistance for help. Having achieved a deeper understanding of herself with the help of therapy, the gifted young singer-songwriter course-corrected, staying true to herself and hoping to spread awareness of the importance of taking care of yourself.