Musique traditionnelle / FR
Friday, June 30th 5:25pm
Le Club

Sourdure, up to now a solo entity embodied by Ernest Bergez, has multiplied itself and taken on the plural form of Sourdurent. Following the path laid out by ‘L’Esprova’, (Pagans / Les Disques Du Festival Permanent) released in 2018, and the long instrumental pieces of ‘Mantras’(Ana Ott / Désastre / Standard In-Fi / Mental Groove Records), Ernest Bergez joins forces with Jacques Puech, Elisa Trebouville and Loup Uberto, to explore what collective energy can make possible.

Themes and songs spool out complex rhythmic meshes with unflagging momentum. Freely assimilated, the trad repertory of the Massif Central mutates and melds with invented forms inspired by the traditional musics of Greece, Persia, and the Maghreb…. The result is a music aimed at the ears and toes, as well as the guts, and perhaps the heart. It could be a ballroom dance, a concert, or a spontaneous ceremony. Language occupies a central place, both as musical material and as a poetic and emotional launching-pad. Somewhere between French and Occitan, a personal language emerges and threads its path among ancient words that have been transmitted from mouth to mouth.

After the recording of their debut album and a final tour with the group in November 2022, Loup Uberto will give way to Colin Delzant, an extraordinary cellist and a regular at traditional balls, who will take over from March 2023.

Sourdurent‘s debut album ‘L’Herbe de Détourne’ will be released on Bongo Joe and Murailles Music on May 5th 2023.

Ernest Bergez : violin, vocals, electronics, podorythmie (taps)
Jacques Puech : cabrette (bagpipes), vocals, podorythmie (taps)
Elisa Trebouville : banjo, vocals, fife
Colin Delzant : cello, vocals
David Fauroux or Anaëlle Marsollier : sound