Samedi 26 juin 6'50PM


France — Pop

Making a name for yourself with just a first name – and the wrong one, to boot? It really is possible, especially following the huge success of Angèle! Suzane is a modern girl imbued with the French song of yesteryear. She ended up leaving classical dance behind to spread her wings elsewhere and worked as a waitress in a bar, where she discovered the world of the night and some wonderful encounters, both human and musical. She fell for electro, but has remained true to words as a way of shaping tracks with robotic rhythms and synth arrangements that describe her everyday life – and the lives of many others. With her engaging, mind-blowing debut album ‘Toï Toï’ under her belt and clad in a combination of true superhero costume tunes, Suzane is the epitome of a 2020s woman.

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