Jazz / DK
Friday, June 30th 7:05pm
Le Club

Picture yourself on the northern Danish shores, where the wind and sea sound like a melodic, Nordic jazz composition. You’ve just conjured up the sound of Svaneborg Kardyb.

When Nikolaj Svanebord and Jonas Kardyb first teased the idea of working together ten years ago, little did they know that they would eventually go on to be awarded Composers of the Year and New Talent of the Year at the Danish Jazz Music Awards in 2019. With Svaneborg on the keys, and Kardyb on the drums, the duo have manifested a unique style of warm, sentimental, and melodic instrumental music. Hailing from the northern tip of Jutland, Denmark, the jazz-duo make music that emulates the sound of the lush, Danish outdoors, so much so, 2020’s LP ‘Haven’ was actually written as an ode to the places that you find just around the corner. Listening to it you can picture (and literally hear, at times) the sea-breeze and bird songs across the fleeting collection of tracks.