• Date : Sunday, July 3rd
  • Stage : Factory
  • Time : 8:55 pm
  • Style : Chanson Pop


It’s all about family. About roots. About passion. Under this name, borrowed from a popular district of Saint Etienne where they grew up, the Herrerias brothers – Raphaël and his younger brother Théo – have been creating music that has been flying the flag of romance, melancholy and street poetry since 2017 and their exile from Paris. Over a base of electro-organic pop with a sprinkling of hip-hop, these two lads create open-hearted songs that feature an unvarnished telling of their fears, their hopes and their daily lives. After walking away with this year’s ‘Révelation’ award at the Victoire de la Musique thanks to their album ‘Les Forces Contraires’ and following a remarkable and memorable collaboration with elder statesman Bernard Lavilliers, one thing is certain: where there is Terrenoire, there is hope.