Hip Hop / CH
Friday, June 30th 9:45pm

The second you hear his pseudonym your imagination starts to run wild… Where does this Swiss producer, rapper and singer with a mischievous alias will take us? Flirting with funk, pop, trap and rap, always drenched in a warmth that one can only imagine to be Californian, the kind with palm trees and Hollywood signs in the background, this Genevan belongs to an American lineage of not quite rappers, not just singers, like Pharrell Williams or Tyler, The Creator. Above all, he is a storyteller, regularly combining his productions (he was first known as a beatmaker under the pseudonym of Pink Flamingo) with short and medium-length films that he directs himself. This was more than enough to seduce a certain Pedro Winter who signed him to his label Ed Banger, making the Swiss one of the symbols of the label’s pop revival, also an opportunity to be introduced to Pharrell. Some have known worst endorsements…