Woodkid somehow manages to be both ‘many’ and ‘one’. Definitely many: he has directed videos for pop stars who in some cases have become friends, has been creating the original soundtracks to Louis Vuitton’s shows for a decade, composed the music for the film Desierto, and the list goes on. And definitely one: under the moniker Woodkid, Yoann Lemoine has recorded two uncategorisable albums – seven years (or an eternity) apart – featuring baroque pop that ranges from organic surges to electronic odysseys. Following the success of the triumphant ‘The Golden Age’, he almost caught people by surprise with his return on ‘S16’, a record of dark, poisonous beauty balancing introspection against abstraction. In a world that is coming apart at the seams, Woodkid is dreaming up the original soundtrack to a terrifying yet enticing future.