Crédit Mutuel


Saturday, 27 June


France / Urban pop

The song title Rien à Prouver (or “nothing to prove” in English) speaks volumes about Yseult, especially for a singer who made a comeback last year to a music scene which never really appreciated or recognised her true talent. Four years ago, alongside the likes of singer Da Silva and various others, she released an electro-rock tinged album which, according to her own words “didn’t really reflect who she was”. We take her word for it, especially when you take into consideration her eclectic taste which prompted her to cover Blondie’s Heart of Glass and Aznavour’s Mamma, and collaborate with several of her peers such as Maurane, Jenifer and Claire Lafut. These days, the former 2013 Nouvelle Star finalist has invented Y-trap, a tailored, sombre, sensual sound which superbly celebrates the union between pop and hip-hop.


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