• The festival will be offering day tickets only.


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Festival tickets can be purchased from festival’s official ticket office via the festival website and the Coopérative de Mai website. They can also be obtained from our partner site Contremarque.


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DAY TICKET (NB: if you leave you will not be able to return)

A day ticket is valid to access the festival at the Marcel-Michelin stadium on the day stated. It provides access to all the concerts on the selected day.

• This year, Europavox festival will take place at the Marcel-Michelin stadium and will have daily limits on numbers.

• Concert audiences will be seated in numbered seats in the stands and on the turf. A safe distance (empty seat) will be left between each group of ticket holders.

• If you would like to sit with your friends, you must purchase your tickets in the same order. To limit group sizes, groups will be restricted to a maximum of six people per day.

• This year, the festival will be offering day tickets only.

You will be given a wristband at the entry checkpoint to enable you to access the event. This is a personal, non-transferable wristband valid for one person only. The wristband should not be removed under any circumstances while the ticket remains valid, and no replacements will be provided.


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Never buy a ticket from a website not authorised by the festival, nor from an illicit reseller – it is highly likely that you will end up with a fraudulent ticket and will not be allowed in!


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Concession tickets are reserved for:

  • Students
  • Apprentices
  • School pupils
  • People aged under 18
  • RSA (welfare benefit) recipients
  • Job seekers
  • Disability card holders

Places are limited. Tickets should be purchased from official festival websites only. NB: You must present valid proof when entering the festival, at the entrance set aside for this purpose. Failure to present this proof will result in your being denied access to the site.


[COLLAPSE id=”5″ title=”People with reduced mobility” color=”#f15823″]

Tickets for people with reduced mobility and their personal assistant must be purchased by emailing billetterie@europavox.com. There are areas reserved for people with reduced mobility and their personal assistant within the festival itself.


[COLLAPSE id=”6″ title=”Children and teenagers” color=”#f15823″]

Access to the festival is not permitted for children aged under 3 and is not recommended for children aged 3 to 6. Children aged 11 to 14 must be accompanied by a person aged over 16. Parental consent (personal details and contact telephone number) may be requested for teenagers aged 14 to 16.

The parental consent document can be downloaded here.


[COLLAPSE id=”6″ title=”Pass’Région” color=”#f15823″]
The Pass’Région gives young people aged 16 to 25 a credit of €30 that can be used to buy tickets for shows, concerts and so on. Europavox festival is a Pass’Région partner, so Pass’Région holders can use this credit to buy a festival ticket. For all purchases using a Pass’Région, please send an email directly to billetterie@europavox.com.

NB: the Pass’Région is valid until 31 May 2021. Given the validity periods and the booking process, all such bookings should be made by 27 May at the latest.  More information is available here.


📨 For any question, please contact us via : billetterie@europavox.com