Europe through the eyes of Europavox… we’re talking about 7 festivals in Zagreb, Brussels, Vienna, Bologna, Athens, Vilnius and Clermond-Ferrand, and an online media featuring a team of 40 journalists from 26 different countries who unearth rare musical gems everyday on

But it doesn’t stop there, as there’s so much more European cultural diversity left to champion and discover!
At the upcoming festival, Europavox is launching the Coaching Export programme, the first of its kind to help develop the most exciting projects around right now. From tours, residencies and one-off shows, over the course a year, this truly practical project will see a selection of artists benefit from opportunities via our network of European industry professionals from our seven collaborating partners.

A selection committee* has chosen 14 groups from 7 countries, that both the public and industry professionals can discover live at the festival. Each artist will then be called before a new jury, who will evaluate the necessary capacity and motivation required for a career across the international market. Following these interviews, 7 winners will be chosen, and they’ll have the chance to join the Coaching Export programme for more than a year. It’s a unique opportunity to develop abroad and to discover the ins and outs of the professional environment.

Pre-selected artists: The TOP 14!

5K HD and Mynth (Austria), Témé Tan and Run Sofa (Belgium), Them Moose Rush and Tyger Lamb (Croatia), Kid Francescoli and Lysistrata (France), Σtella and Taf Lathos (Greece), Kiol and Altre Di B (Italy), Garbanota S Bosistas and Sheep Got Waxed (Lituania)


Selection Committee

Europavox / France: François Missonnier (director), Didier Veillault (art director), François Audigier (European booker)

Le Botanique / Belgium: Paul-Henri Wauters (director / art director)

WUK / Austria: Hannes Cistota (art director), Astrid Exner (marketing / project manager)

Estragon Club / Italy: Pasquale Pezzillo (art director), Katia Giampaolo (director / project manager)

Loftas / Lithuania: Victor Diawara (director / art director), Goda Pereckaite (booker / project manager)

Fuzz Club / Athens: Thomas Machairas (director / art director), Aspasia Styla (project manager)

INmusic Festival / Croatia:  Zoran Maric (director / art director), Ivana Jeleca (booker / project manager)