Europavox Festival

Project part2


A main event bringing together almost 50 concerts and 25.000 people for a festival in Clermont-Ferrand (France) for 3 days, at the end of May.
A tour with european bands across France. In 2013 it brings 6 bands across France in 11 cities.
Other concerts organized for special occasions: 50th anniversary of the Rome treaty, 25th anniversary of ERASMUS program, festivals in other European countries (Sweden in 2009, Belgium in 2010). Artists from the whole Europe and of all music genres (rock, electro, hip-hop, world…) perform during these events. More than 450 bands, frome 30 countries played in our events :THE HIVES (SE)/ EWERT AND THE TWO DRAGON (EE) / BLOC PARTY (UK) / AGNES OBEL (DK)/ DE STAAT (NL) / CAMILLE (FR) / DJANGO DJANGO (UK) / AMPLIFETES (SE) / RUBIK (FI) / BOYS NOIZE (DE)/ SOPHIE HUNGER (SU)/ PETE DOHERTY (UK)/ GIRLS IN HAWAI (BE)/ VITALIC (FR)/ ALINA ORLOVA (LT)/ BAUCHKLANG (AT) / GET WELL SOON (DE) / ARNO (BE)/ JJ (SE) / 120 DAYS (NO) / ARCHIVE (UK) / RITA REDSHOES (PT) / THOMAS DYBDHAL (NO) / SELAH SUE (BE) / ZAZ (FR) / POLOCK (ES) / THE NITS (NL) / FUNERAL SUITS (IE) …

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