Europavox Festival

‘A dull blue-green’ or the figurative ‘giving an impression of sadness and misery’ are the dictionary definitions of the French word ‘glauque’. So there is no doubt about it – in 2017, when the group was formed, these five Namur lads clearly didn’t choose their name lightly. Because although  they are turning the rules of hip-hop upside down and restructuring electro, injecting doses of rock and pop, these young barely twenty-somethings handle their words with stunning dexterity to sing about an everyday life that is rarely anything to get excited about. Described by Inrocks as ‘the group the whole world was waiting for’ after they unveiled two tracks brimming with personality (‘Robot’ and then ‘Plane’), Glauque can look forward to a rose-tinted future with a brooding tinge.

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