Europavox Festival

She is one of those people who needs very little to say a lot. The little? A guitar, a piano, a drum kit. And a voice – a perfect balance between fragility and intensity. The lot? Music that suggests emotions and sends a shiver down your spine. Behind her twin first names, Emilie Zoé uses the language of Shakespeare in her songs with their tense, battered rock created with her best friend and flatmate, percussionist Nicolas Pittet – songs that present her as the rightful heir to PJ Harvey and Cat Power. Between a thousand and one projects (music for a play, a solo tour, musical lectures, cinema concerts, the group Autisti), this Swiss musician – not yet even thirty – has found the time to record two albums as a pair (the beautiful ‘The Very Start’ is the most recent) and give numerous concerts, where each time the duo give and give as if it were their very last time on stage.

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