Europavox's comittment

Europavox's comittment

Every year, Europavox festival demonstrates its civic and responsible commitment via numerous projects and community actions. Environmental issues play a major role at the festival and the teams are committed to an ambitiously sustainable approach.


The festival’s environmental commitment can be seen in a strong incentive to use sustainable methods of transport (bus, train, tramway, rented bicycle) in conjunction with local amenity partners.

Waste management is an integral part of daily work on the site for audiences, teams and stallholders alike. Selective sorting equipment can be found throughout the festival area, and will be combined with encouragement to use reusable containers (flasks, cups with a deposit etc.). We are also providing a free water point and volunteers will be offering further information about environmentally friendly behaviour.


Various associations will be presented within the festival village in order to raise awareness of European citizen involvement and the risks of the festival scene. Various entertainment shows will serve as a fun way of sparking discussion on these topics, and numerous consumables will be handed out free of charge, including breathalyser tests, ear plugs and ear defenders for children, and condoms.

The ‘Avenir & Santé’ association will provide information about health risks, addictions and road safety, with speech therapists and speech therapy students on hand to discuss risks to your hearing.

Other associations will focus on highlighting citizen involvement to promote young people working at international work camps.


One of the festival’s top commitments is enabling access for all. This is implemented at each festival via a measured pricing policy and suitable reception arrangements for people with disabilities, such as installing a platform near the main stage for use exclusively by people with reduced mobility. In order to improve this accessibility, the festival has drawn on expertise and assistance from a dedicated partner in Malakoff Humanis Prévoyance, which is supporting the project by installing new custom-made equipment.

For the first time in 2019, the festival also organised a social integration project to welcome young refugees onto the volunteer team and enable better integration with local young people.

To meet these commitments, we are supported by local associations and partners:

, Programme Régional pour l’Intégration des Réfugiés (PRIR63).