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What is patronage?

Patronage is a disinterested support given to a project of general interest. It can take the form of a financial donation, a donation in kind or a donation of skills, and is eligible for a tax reduction (60% of the value of the donation, up to a limit of 0.5% of the sponsor’s turnover).

Why become a Europavox patron?

Supporting Europavox means joining the Europavox Club, a network of partners united around an emblematic project in Clermont-Ferrand. By becoming a patron, you support European musical diversity and the attractiveness of the region. Boost your company’s image and associate it with the values defended by Europavox!

By becoming a patron of the festival, you allow us to offer a program that is both demanding and popular, accessible to as many people as possible with affordable prices as well as a free part.

Who can become a patron?

Patronage of the festival is open to all companies wishing to support us: from small businesses to large groups, the membership fee to the Europavox Club allows the doors of the festival to be opened wide to any company size.

How can I become a patron?

You can become a sponsor of Europavox by making a donation to the organizing association, or by making your equipment or your skills available, depending on your activity.

What are the benefits of Club Europavox?

Being a Europavox patron means experiencing the festival in a privileged way! VIP tickets for the concerts, backstage visits, meetings with the artists, previews of the programme, etc. You get to experience Europavox from the inside and share unique moments with your colleagues, clients or partners!


Becoming a sponsor of the Europavox festival means benefiting from the visibility offered by the event, but it also means being part of an ambitious project with a strong identity and taking on the values conveyed by the festival: modernity, plurality, diversity, exchange…

Sponsorship of the festival is open to all companies wishing to support us financially and to participate in an ambitious project, both artistic and political!

A partnership with Europavox will allow your company to reach a young, dynamic, curious and open-minded public. Whether it is through an image partnership, a general association with the festival or the setting up of activities for festival-goers, Europavox offers various means for brands to affirm their support for Europavox.