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Health Procedures

Although we are delighted to be finally welcoming you back this summer, our primary concern given the current situation is to ensure maximum comfort and health safety for you during the festival. The recent announcements from the government have set out a framework that we must have in place to ensure that our event runs smoothly. Plainly, it is our duty to adhere to these instructions, as your safety and well-being are our priority.

Organisational principles, audience reception arrangements and the health protocol for the festival were all defined in conjunction with state authorities. These may change in line with the government directives in place at the time of the event (health passport, reception capacity etc.).

• This year, Europavox festival will take place at the Marcel-Michelin stadium and will have daily limits on audience numbers.

• Concert audiences will be seated in numbered seats in the stands and on the turf. A safe distance (empty seat) will be left between each group of ticket holders.

• At the venue, we are counting on you to comply with the health measures in place for the benefit of all. The festival’s teams will also be on hand to ensure your well-being (providing information, supplying hydroalcoholic gel, directing traffic, regularly cleaning the site etc.).

Masks must be worn within the stadium, both while moving around and while attending concerts.

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